What’s Metaphase, Anyway?

So, what is metaphase and why did I choose that name? Well, I’ll try to explain.

First, metaphase is one of the phases of cell division (mitosis or, my personal favorite, meiosis). During this phase, whitefishmeta.jpgchromosomes line up along the metaphase plate, or the middle of the cell, and are attached to spindle fibers which will help pull them apart later.

So, I told you I’m a science geek. Metaphase is my favorite phase of the cell cycle. Yes, I know most people don’t have a “favorite phase”. It does sound pretty nerdy, even for me. But it’s the truth. I was a T.A. for a developmental biology class in college, and I just loved to see cells under the microscope in this phase.  They were so perfect to me. It just looked like at that stage, everything was lining up, just like it was supposed to, things were right in the world…

That is why I named this Metaphase. I want my life to be like metaphase, the things in it lined up in an orderly fashion, no guessing, waiting, hoping. I want things to be right in the world, in my world. I want my husband, daughter, and my son who I have never met in a little row with me. I want to be anchored and know exactly what is coming next- almost exactly the opposite of what my life actually is.

 I want metaphase…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charity
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 13:38:31

    Now that is a cool name!!! Not that I was big into cell division and want not (yep – you must be a bit of a science geek! hee!) but that is an awesome thing to want to fashion your life after! Metaphase away girl!!! (Don’t worry about the geek thing – I married a computer geek – so I love geeks!)


  2. Ryan
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 14:05:56

    Not being a science nerd like my sister, nor a English major, I also ask forgiveness on the butchering of the English language. The beauty of a cell to me is not the scientific breakdown although fascinating, but in its wonder of whom it was created and what the cell itself later creates. To imagine all things are created by cells, but yet different in so many ways. To think that a baby half way around the world created with different cells and genetics will fit in to your family perfectly. What’s odd, it has nothing to do with the cells making the baby but the love, that will align him up with your (our) family. Our family is made up of completely different personalities, frames, hair color, hair loss (stop laughing Rick), creativity, and so much more. But yet we are all part of a family filled with love. Although as a parent you wish for perfect alignment, for protecting and comforting your family, each child will split away and become a wonderful individual. As a parent do what you can to nourish them physically, mentally and spiritually, and take time to step back every once in a while to admire what a wonderful loving creation of God, Ashley and yourself have helped create and grow.


  3. Maa-chew
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 21:17:11

    Great explanation!


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