Quick Hello

Just wanted to let everyone know we’re off in a couple of hours for our interview to get Binhjamin’s visa. We will be leaving tomorrow night and back in Boston on Wednesday morning. Though this sounds quick, keep in mind we’re 11 hours ahead of the US right now (EST) so it’s still about 30 hours total.

I do have some post topics running around in my head, but I’ll wait until I’m home to talk about them fully, you never know when Big Brother might be watching.

This weekend, we made a trip out to the Ho Chi Minh museum…interesting. I heard the Vietnamese story of Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam War, and I know the American version. My guess is the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It was a nice outing, though, and both kids were great. Ava is still a hit where ever she goes. She now just blows kisses and says hello automatically, to everyone’s rousing approval. Both kids have runny noses. I think Ava got hers from random people touching her and trying to kiss her. Perhaps she’ll be a diplomat when she grows up.

Speaking of growing up, Ava seems to have changed in just the last couple of weeks. She is pretending a lot on her own and using small sentences. I understand about 95% of what she’s saying. When I don’t, I tell I don’t understand and she tries something different.

Binhjamin seems to have gained a little weight and is starting to sleep a little better (fingers crossed, knocking on wood, etc.) He has a breakout on his face that I want to get looked at, probably some sort of skin condition not unusual to a lot of Asian babies from what I hear.

Sorry I don’t have pictures. We call it “herding cats” around here to describe our daily routine!


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  1. Ava & Binh's Uncle
    Apr 08, 2008 @ 12:32:51

    Just get home to U.S. soil, safely, sanely and soon.
    So I can hold those babies.


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