Our First Outing

Today we made our first venture out into the world as a family. After naps and lunch, we packed everything but the kitchen sink to make our way to the mall. Binh needed some pants that fit him. I had some clothes a friend let me borrow, but the pants that fit him are somewhat out of season now that it’s been in the 70’s here the last couple of days. Mind you, it could snow next week for all I know. I just wanted him to have some cute lightweight pants to play in that didn’t look like just cotton layette stuff. Ava also needed some socks that fit her and some pants too. All of hers are getting to be high-waters that I can’t pass them off as capris!

Well, surprisingly, everything went pretty well. Ash entertained Ava as I used up our Gym-bucks (sale ends tomorrow, people, if you haven’t used the Gym-bucks yet!). I bought 6 months clothes, mostly, for Binh. He can wear 6-12 month socks and 6-12 month shirts. I have to be careful with the pants because they have to be long enough, but he has like no booty at all and a very small waist, so he could wear 3-6 month pants if not for the length. He is 28 inches now, you know. We went to the doctor yesterday and he’s grown, a little. He also has a double ear infection, like Ava, so now I’ve got two on Amox. twice a day. They both take it pretty well, though. Ava gets excited and says, “Medicine!” when I get it out. That’s sad that she’s had so much medicine in the last week that she now looks forward to it!

I got some bad news while we were at the mall. Talbot’s Kids is shutting down. They are doing away with all the stores as of September I think the lady said. I was bummed. I think they have some really cute stuff. In fact, Binh in now ready to sailing or play tennis thanks to the purchases made today from there. Let’s just hope they do a 70% off everything sale this summer. Although, I don’t know if they have Talbot’s Kids where we’re moving…

I also took Binh into Target with me to buy a Crock Pot. I know, who buys a crock pot when it’s going to be summer? Well, I do apparently. I never got one as a wedding gift, and I’ve been wanting one (I know, for 13 years?!). I think it could help simplify things if I had some dishes I could just throw in and let cook until time for dinner. I explained to Binh when we went into Target that he’d need to get used to being there as mommy shops at Target at least once a week. He LOVED getting to sit in the cart. He looked so cute in there, his tiny self sitting up and looking around. He also was busy giving me “five” while we were shopping. Ash and Ava stayed in the car because Ava had fallen asleep. It was fun getting to truck around with just Binh for a little while. He is doing better and seems happier each day. He now smiles back at us, babbles when he sees us, and reaches up to us to be picked up.

Now if we can just conquer sleeping through the night…


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