American Idolatry

Don’t get me wrong, I like American Idol just fine. I haven’t really watched much at all this season, though, and that’s fine with me. First, I hate/have always hated the beginning of the show’s season where they show all the idiots who either just want to be on tv or are delusional and think they actually can sing. I don’t revel in other people’s pain or short comings. Another reason I haven’t watched is because of our time in Vietnam and then jet lag/crying babies upon our return. In general, the show is pretty entertaining and a lot better than some other reality shows that are too Jerry Springer-like for my taste.

However, let’s keep in mind people, it’s a tv show, not a religion. I taught ESL on Tuesday nights a year or two ago and I tell you when the American Idol season started, our attendance when down! These people paid good money to learn English, they live in a place where they need to know English and instead they chose to stay home and watch American Idol? One could argue they are learning American culture and some spoken English by watching television, but what a waste of money.

Then, the other day, I got Ava a happy meal from the clown restaurant, and it was themed with American Idol. I was really taken aback by that. She’s a little child, those meals are marketed to her, and it’s emblazoned with American Idol all over the package and the toy inside?  (Insert argument about how she shouldn’t be eating happy meals, anyway..but we just got back from Vietnam, and we all wanted a good fry and Coke! Ava had juice.) I don’t think 2-7 year olds should be thinking about American Idol. It just really put me over the edge thinking about how this TV SHOW consumes so much of our time and energy.

 I mean, it’s fun and all but it’s not a reason to miss out on other, more important things in our life. Let’s not forget the people are just people and it’s only a show. There’s no need to worship this huge brand that Simon Fuller has created.


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  1. Ava & Binh's Uncle
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 13:13:12

    I watch American Idol every once in a while, but not consumed by it. But I can also say it is one of the only shows that you and your kids can sit down to and watch and not have to worry about a sexual situation or rude sexual comment or a mangled dead body with full graphics popping up on the screen.
    And the sad thing is that it not just few channels, it’s every channel. Your kids will idol someone other than their parents, whether it’s Miley Cirus, Marilyn Manson, or yes even Britney Spears. American Idol gives them clean performances by young kids with talent, that yes are critiqued, but also teaches them to handle the critique with maturity and grace. Compare this to the show Girlicious (Pussycat dolls), CSI, Nip and Tuck, and other garbage on the screen, kids with talent doesn’t look so bad. I have always said, that time spent doing things with your kids such as walking, playing outside, building things with them (a simple bird house or anything), will not only teach them but it will also teach the parent just as much. But when you have to watch t.v. with them, good luck on finding a show that is as wholesome and nonrisk taking as American Idol.

    Love Ya


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