A Real Guy

Well my “little” big brother (meaning he’s the younger of my brothers, who are both older than me) started a blog. I tell ya’ I guess even old guys are trying to stay in the loop these days. (OK, that was for my brother who I know will read this!).

Actually, he is pretty darn good at the whole blog thing. Come to think of it, he’s good at a lot of things. You need to go there and look at some of the sketches he posted that he has done. See, he’s an artist, by God given gift, not by going to school for it or anything. (though I think he went to school for art for like a semester and they couldn’t really tell him anything he didn’t know) I digress…He’s good at art, but he’s also good at like building things and handyman type things, and other stuff that I don’t get. I think he got all the genes for that kind of stuff and I got some left overs or something. I know this sounds like a love fest of my brother, but what’s funny is that through his blog I get to see him as just some guy, not with my tainted sister glasses on, you know?

I think my siblings are kinda like you always think of your teachers when you’re growing up. They’re not real people with thoughts and emotions outside of what you’re involved in. My brother has always been my brother first. I mean, I remember him rough-housing with me, teasing me, flipping me upside down when I have a 32 oz. coke in my hand…(that one is for him, too!) It’s fun to get to see people without the predisposition of who you think they should be. His blog shows me he has some other stuff to talk about, stuff that I never really talked to him about before. Why? Why don’t I have more conversations with him about things that don’t have anything to do with the fact that we’re family?

I still see his distinct style in his drawings. I’d know they were his even if I just saw them in some random place. I can hear him talking in his writing. I like when that happens with people I know IRL. Yeah, his grammar is sometimes incorrect, in writing and in real life. I think he had a couple of misspelled words. I like that part. So he’s not perfect, but he’s a guy that loves life, loves his family. And, I get to see him in this new way, as a Real Guy.


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  1. asmalltowndad
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 13:12:08

    O.K. so you’re talking about Rick aren’t you? Thanks for your kind words Sis, I was keeping my blog a secret until I was for sure doing one, and doing it correctly, BUT THEN I TOLD MOM, enough said. It was the inspiration of your web blog and Ash’s that got me interested in creating one. Your compliments way exceed what is deserved, and if I had half the talent and intelligence as you, my blog would be much better. A love fest, yep, I guess thats what you call it when you celebrate the love and respect for each other. Thanks little Sis (because she is the youngest in the family) and that ones for you!


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