GRE Prep

I haven’t told a whole lot of people (until now!) that I’m taking a GRE prep course on Saturdays. The class is 9-5 for four weeks. The first two weeks were vocab/reading comprehension and the last two are the math classes. I am- I can say it- afraid of failure, which is why I’m taking these classes. I do not want to bomb the GRE. Thank goodness the first two weeks were the language part of the test. It was a confidence booster for me. I’m not all that worried about the vocabulary and analogies now. Likewise, the reading comprehension isn’t really a problem either. Since I taught ESL and tutored reading and critical thinking, I have a pretty good grasp for those sections of the test. I actually knew a lot of the vocab, not that I’m a guru or anything. A CD and book came with the class and the CD has a lot of vocab that I guess you’re supposed to study before the test. There are plenty in there that I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard, not to mention never uttered in my life. Before Ash took his GRE a few years ago, we made flashcards and tried to use strange words in everyday life, as part of our working vocabulary. Sadly, I’m a big enough geek that some of those words actually MADE it into my spoken vernacular (I know, you wouldn’t know that from reading my blog, would you?:). After getting strange looks from many people, I decided to dial it back a bit, but I see some of those words on the practice sections. I just hope I have the same sense of relief when I see the math sections. I only tutored 6th grade math, so I doubt that’s going to help me a whole lot on the GRE.

All of this GRE talk begs the question,  am I going to back to school? Well, I don’t know, probably. I feel like the longer I wait, the farther away my mommy brain will have tucked information needed to complete a standardized test. I think the test is good for like five years, so I will surely know by then what I want to do. Much like Laurie, I have to think of my family first, and the repercussions of being in school while having little ones in their toddler years. We waited so long to have a family, I hate to put them in daycare so I can go to class. And we all know when you’re in school, it always feels like there something hanging over your head even when you’re aren’t in the actual class, with homework, papers, etc. However, it may be possible for me to use Ash’s GI bill for my own schooling next year, in which case it would be like going back to school for free. How can you pass that up? Also, it may be possible that some of that money would cover at least a partial amount of daycare costs. PLUS, we’ve talked about Ava going to a 3-year-old preschool next year anyway, since the child loves her Sunday school class and is always asking when she can go to school. So, once again, I come to the same conclusion so many other SAHMs do: there’s no winning.


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  1. Laurie
    Nov 07, 2008 @ 14:18:41

    Yeah, I know just where you are! I’m struggling with it all too, but am worried about the same – there’s a finite lifespan my pre-mommy brain has, and I fear it’s nearing it’s end. It’s now or never for me. Doesn’t make it any easier.
    I think it’s great that you’re loosening the gears again with the GRE prep course. It’s always more motivating to get back into something when your confidence is higher. Good luck with it all and keep us posted.
    You should do a “big word of the day” on the sidebar of your blog or something…we could all get a little smarter with you;)


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