GRE and EI

Enough acronyms for ya’ there in the title? Well, since Ash is in the Navy, we use plenty of acronyms around these parts. I don’t know what it is about the military, but they love the use of acronyms, even for stupid things you could very easily say. One of my most hated it CONUS. Do you really have to say cone-us? How difficult is it to say continental US? It was one I really grew to loathe while we lived in Hawaii. You can surmise how many times in a week it might be used if you lived in Hawaii.

Anyway, I don’t know if GRE or EI can really be classified as acronyms since they don’t really make a “new word”. You just sort of say the letters. What’s really important here is that I’m now finished with my GRE class on Saturdays. It’s a good thing, too, because Ash has to go out of town to for work on Saturday. I guess I’m supposed to work with the CD that came with my class materials for a few weeks, take some practice tests, and then go take the real thing. You don’t have to have an appointment too far in advance for the test. Since it’s all done on computer, you just have to make sure they have a seat for you at the testing center. My goal is to have it over with before Christmas. No pressure there, with buying gifts, getting things decorated, learning new big words and taking a long test all before Christmas. I think I really just need to practice the math part. It isn’t difficult math, but just knowing how to tackle the problem right away is what I need to work on. You have about 1 minute to about 1:30 for each math problem, so you can’t waste time trying to figure out how you want to try to solve the probability of getting a green ball in a bag with 25 balls where there are 5 red, 7 blue and an unknown number of green mixed with a number of yellow balls…you get the idea.marbles

As I finish a class, I guess Binh will get to start some lessons. I had him evaluated by Early Intervention, and he qualifies for speech services. I’m pretty excited about getting him going with that. He tested at a 14 month level on one of the tests and 10 months on the other test they use. The really good news is that he was above age level on cognitive and social skills. I don’t know all the details. I haven’t gotten the actual report yet, just going by what the ladies told me right after we were finished. They should be calling to get the ball rolling on the speech therapy soon. As long as the ball isn’t in a bag with other colored balls, I’m good.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karoliina
    Nov 20, 2008 @ 20:47:49

    We did early intervention speech with Tinsae. It was good, although no one ever thought that she wouldn’t have done just as brilliantly without it. I viewed it as her English lesson more than anything. The sign language the lady used was helpful. And it exposed me to some pretty cool toys which I later went and bought for Tinsae. I probably wouldn’t have ever “discovered” half of the stuff! Anyway, have fun with it. I’m sure Bihn will love playing.


  2. Karoliina
    Nov 20, 2008 @ 20:49:00

    I so keep misspelling Binh. Sorry about that… I keep thinking it’s harder than it is, and then I get it wrong.


  3. Laurie
    Nov 22, 2008 @ 21:07:37

    I need your address;) Can you email it to me? laurie at goodhappenings dot com.


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