But You Should See The Other Guy..



This is why I have to worry and say a little prayer each time I go take a shower in the morning. When two two-year olds get together, there’s no tellin’ what can happen. While I was getting out of the shower, I saw Ava and Binh playing in my jewelry box. This is a large wooden kind that stands on three legs. It’s  in my bedroom, a place where toddlers shouldn’t really be playing since they each have a bedroom of their own full of toys. In short, Ava pulled the jewelry box down on Binh’s head. It’s amazing, really, that this is the only thing that happened to him. He cried for a couple of minutes and then was on his way like nothing happened.

And, he’s eating strawberries in the picture above. That coming out of his mouth isn’t part of the injury! 🙂 Here’s another one with the strawberry that he thought was a little cooold..


 Here’s to a speedy recovery for Binh. I’m sure it is the first in a long series of injuries awaiting him as he grows.


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  1. asmalltowndad
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 13:37:50

    That’s my boy, don’t take any crap from anyone or anything! Not only that, the chicks dig the war wounds! Now I’m going to have to revise my sketch of you.


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