Binh’s Antics

I don’t know what got into Binh today, but here is a run down of all the things that happened before NOON today..

7:55 am- Binh knows how to do this choke-y cough that can sometimes make him throw up. I think it was an attention getting mechanism when he was in the orphanage. So I heard him starting to do the cough-like noise this morning when I was getting ready to make breakfast. I told him to stop and went back to getting the oatmeal out of the pantry. I heard a “thud” and looked an he was lying on his back on the wood floor. I went over because I thought he just fell and saw that he had thrown up on the hardwood floor. The reason he fell? He walked in the throw up and slipped in it and fell flat on his back. I didn’t realize this until I picked him up and saw it all over the back of his pajamas. Nice..

I took him and threw some other clothes on him after cleaning him up so we could get back to breakfast. After I changed him, he stayed in his room playing with cars on the train table. No problem. Or so I thought.

8:20am- I went to get Binh from his room because the oatmeal was ready. I looked in his room and he wasn’t there. Looked in Ava’s room, no Binh. I looked in my room and didn’t see him there either. Then, I heard a little “shake, shake” that I instantly recognized as my allergy medication in my bathroom drawer. (Don’t worry, everything has a child proof cap, but kids aren’t supposed to be in there anyway.) I walked into my bathroom to see this scene


All that frap he pulled out in the few minutes it took me to make oatmeal. Granted, I don’t do instant oatmeal, but it wasn’t more than 10 minutes. See his shirt there on the floor. Yeah, that used to be in his room. And in the background? That’s my closet and those are my shoes he pulled out. I’ve told you about his shoe obsession before. There’s the outfit I put on him post throw up just we could eat breakfast before they took a bath. I’m so glad I bought the value bag of 500 cotton balls instead of just the 200..

9:30am- I’m finally ready to go jump in the shower. The kids were playing together in Ava’s room, so I thought it was safe to leave them for a few minutes to get cleaned up. Well, before I could get in the shower, I found Binh in the bath tub (in the kid’s bathroom). He was sitting in the tub and pouring water on his lap. The water was trapped in a used Mr. Bubbles container. The tub itself was empty and he never actually turned on the water from the tap. Ok, so now those red sweat pants and that shirt from the picture were all wet on the front.

11:15am- So now I’m showered and dressed and trying to get a couple of things done around the house before lunch. The kids asked for a rice cake so I gave them one and went to put some clothes away in Ava’s room. I was in there for about oh, 5 minutes. I walked into the kitchen and Binh was squatting in one of the kitchen chairs with the napkins we keep on the table all over the place. As I got closer, I saw he had also poured ALL the salt and a whole lot of pepper out onto the table, the floor, the chair he was in, and of course, himself. By this time, I wasn’t finding any of this funny enough to grab my camera. Needless to say, after cleaning up that mess, bath time was next.

Is it a full moon tonight? Oh, and when the heck is naptime?!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. leanne
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 14:48:17

    Izzie does that same throw up thing! It drives me CRAZY! She did it on the way to church the other day and I was so mad! And once she throws up, she stops the fit — it’s like that was the goal all along.


  2. Heather
    Feb 15, 2009 @ 20:56:37

    I am sorry but, at your expense, this was so hysterical. Binh looks like he took lessons from my twins. The difference between your day and mine is times two and I don’t get a shower;)


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