Disney Tips #2 and #3

I’m off to Japan in just two short days. It’s going to be so hard to leave my little ones. Of course I’ll miss Ash, too, but I know he’s a big boy who can handle it. I just hope they get that I will be back and they have a good time with dad while I’m gone.

I guess I should start some packing at some point in the very near future. It just seems so overwhelming that it’s like I can’t really get started. Plus, I use all the stuff I’m going to take on a daily basis, so I can’t pack that yet! I have put the small gifts I’m taking in a suitcase and the electric converter thing-y, if that counts as packing.

Ok, so on with the Disney tips. I already told you I thought having your own stroller was a good idea if you have room to take it. So here are tips #2 and #3:

Tip #2 Stay at a Disney World Resort Hotel: I don’t know if this would have been a tip even a year ago, but with the deep discounts they’re offering, it is totally worth staying on Disney World property. They have buses running to every park throughout the day. It’s much less hassle with little ones. The buses come like almost every five minutes, it seems, so there’s not a lot of wait time. Then it takes you almost to the front of the park of your choice. It sure beats parking and walking. All of the Disney World Resort Hotels are fun, clean, and have pools. We stayed at a “value” resort, which means one of the cheap ones. It had two pools, a food court, game room, and concierge service. The kids loved the pools, and the small touches that Disney does. (Our towels were folded into animal shapes with stickers every day we were there.) The room itself was just a regular room- two beds, small table, tv, etc., not anything special. It met our needs, though. How much time do you really spend in the room, anyway? I think if you were going without kids or had older kids where you needed more actual room space, a more deluxe room might be in order, but if was great for our family of four.

Tip #3 Buy the Dining Plan: I was worried this might be a sales sceme, but let me tell you, it was one of the nicest parts of our trip! Let’s face it, if you’re spending your days in one of the Disney Parks, you’re going to eat while you’re there. You’re not going to go get your car and drive off Disney property to eat lunch and then come back to the park. That would be a huge waste of time, and in the end it wouldn’t save you any money. With the dining plan, you buy meals for the people in your party. Since our kids are under three, we didn’t buy meal plans for them. We bought for Ash and I, so we had credits on a card for snacks, “quick meals” (meaning a burger or something of that nature, not a nice sit-down restaurant), and sit-down meals for the time we were there. You can use these in any combo you want. It was totally enough food and we never had to go outside of the dining plan except one day when we ate breakfast in our room before leaving early for the Magic Kingdom. For the sit-down meals, you need to make reservations in advance-way in advance. This part takes a little planning. The great thing is, you can eat at any restaurant in any park or any hotel. So, you can stay in the cheap hotel (like us!) and eat at the buffet at the expensive one (like us!). We planned dinners at buffets because kids under 3 eat free at those. We really enjoyed eating at “Boma” at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. After dinner, we walked outside and watched the zebras and giraffes!  The Dining Plan ends up being cheaper than paying out right for all the meals, and they’re offering great discounts right now which makes it an even better deal.

I know I sound like I’m being paid by Disney World or something, but I assure these are really just my own thoughts. When we went on our second trip to Orlando, we stayed in Kissimee for one night. We moved to Disney property by 10:00am the next morning. It was just so much more handy and saved a lot of time, especially if you have little ones who like to doddle like mine do!


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