Pleeeeease (with sugar on top) Help Us Win. Vote for Binh!

So, this place near where we live is having a cutest baby contest. Since I have the cutest kids in the world, (what? you don’t agree? Work with me here, people.) I entered my kids. I need your help to win. You have to go to the website and send them an email telling them your vote.

After I entered both kids, I realized I didn’t want to split my votes, so I decided we should all vote for Binh! I believe he is the only Asian kid entered in the contest, so let’s give him our vote! This is ONE election we can all agree on!:)

So when you go to this link , he is number CP036.  You have to go to their contact page and leave them an email (lame, I know. Why didn’t they just have a multiple choice thing-y. Maybe ’cause it’s L.A. I don’t know..) Anyway, it’s one vote per email, so if you have more than one email address, vote under different ones. That’s not cheating, is it? You have to fill in a name and number, but put anything you want, within reason of course. They aren’t going to contact you, though, unless you check the box that says you want to get their newsletter. And why would you want to do that..

If you’re too busy and just want to go straight to the contact page without looking at the pictures, go to this link: and enter your vote as CP036 in the message line.

If Binh wins, he gets a free birthday party at this place, a $200 dollar value. Think how great it would be for me not to have a dozen three year olds to clean up for after his next birthday party. Help me out, here, folks! Tell others to help me out too!


UPDATE: Well, looks like I’ll have a bunch of three-year-olds at my house for a party come April. We didn’t win, but thanks for helping anyway!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mommy
    Aug 19, 2009 @ 02:24:07

    I did as I was told but don’t think it wasn’t hard for me not to get to vote for both Ava and Binh. Just didn’t feel good about it.


  2. asmalltowndad
    Aug 19, 2009 @ 16:04:22

    Party at Binh’s House! Whoop! Whoop!


  3. Mrs. Ordinary (aka Ms. PCOS)
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 00:54:31

    Hi metaphase, just stopping in from The Meanest Mom. Thanks for your comment–wow, who knew your sister had the secret to rapid weight loss and energy retrieval 😉 Have a happy day and good luck to you and Binh!



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