My Very Own First

I thought at my age, I’d pretty much done all my “firsts”- first tooth, first day of school, etc. You’d think by almost 35, I would have done all the mundane things in day-to-day life. The only things that would be firsts would be really outrageous events like jumping out of an airplane and skydiving (don’t count on seeing that one on this blog anytime soon. Ok, ever.) or going on a safari (that one I’m open to) or something like that.

Well, I’d like to announce that yesterday I…wait for it…drove through the car wash. Ok, I didn’t drive; I was in neutral just like you’re supposed to be. Yes, I went to the car wash, selected the basic wash and paid, and got my left tire in the little wheel track thing that takes your car through the wash. I’ve been married for almost 15 years and in all that time I have never personally taken a car to the car wash.

Which brings me to another realization. My DH Ash does all the car maintenance and yard work. I mowed the lawn a couple of times last year when we first moved to this house. That is the only time I have mown our grass. Ok, so I did mow at other points in our marriage when he was on deployment for 6 or 7 months, but if he’s around, he takes care of all that stuff.  That is the reason why I have never taken the car to be washed. I have also never taken a car to the garage for work (alone, I mean. I have followed Ash to take him back home after he has dropped off a car) I also have never taken our car in for an oil change or tire rotation, etc. because he does all the stuff at home. Further, I have taken the fact that he does all this stuff totally for granted for about, oh, 15 years now.

Then, the other day, I said something about the van being pretty dirty after I had driven down a dirt road and how our cars never look that bad, or something to that effect. Ash said, in a very off-handed and casual way, “I usually always take care of it before they get like that.” or something similar. It hit me then how much he really does to take care of things around the house. Last weekend he went out to the garage, designed, then went and bought materials, and built shelving in our garage that would fit all our stuff and still be able to accomodate our cars.

After his comment I was on my own secret mission to get the car washed before he did. The funny part? I didn’t even know where to go. I mean, I knew to go to a car wash, but I didn’ t know where there was one. I was actually out and about a lot this week, so I started taking notice. I was driving down the road thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know that gas station had a car wash.”  Another little tidbit to take into consideration is that I needed a car wash that took debit cards because I never have cash on me (ever.) and I wanted one that didn’t require me to get out of the car since I always have a little entourage with me. I sneakily   casually asked Ash where he takes the cars when he goes, and he told me without even asking why. I felt like I was really pulling one over on him. I know, how much of a goody two shoes am I when asking where the car wash is feels devious? I picked the kids up after my women’s Bible study and told them we were going to the car wash. They have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the car wash. They think it sounds like fun, but once they’re there they find it a little daunting. We all made it through in one piece, including the van. I was feeling proud of myself. Now to see if Ash would notice.

Clearly he didn’t think my inaugural trip to the car wash was as big a deal as I did. I told him I went and his reply was, “Oh, good.” Well, maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal, but I felt like a did a little part (ok, very little part) in helping out with the cars.

So, have you had any small “firsts” since you’ve been an adult?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ashley
    Oct 02, 2009 @ 01:46:55

    I really appreciate you doing that! I didn’t really think you would take the car. It feels good to be acknowledged for the little things. Thanks baby!


  2. Shawn
    Oct 02, 2009 @ 18:48:02

    Congratulations Sis!!! You are getting to be a big girl. Who knows, you might start doing more, like sanding cabinets and restaining them, changing a faucet or even changing a battery in a car. Keep trying to do new things. Give Ash a pat on the back, he deserves it.


  3. Mommy
    Oct 03, 2009 @ 14:42:16

    o.k. so what’s the bjg deal with going through a car wash? Listen to what I did. I am 70 years old and had never and I do mean never gotten my hair wet in the shower. Well, I had eye surgery a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t lean my head over and my hair was driving me crazy. At least that is what I will blame it on. Everyone gave me all the instructions for shampooing in the shower. Well, the first time I tried I panicked and gave up. About 5 days later I knew something had to be done. So I did it. Now I didn’t like it but I did it. Hopefully. I will not have to do it again.


  4. Christina
    Oct 04, 2009 @ 13:36:30

    That is so funny – I had a car “first” the other day too. Mine was really big, – HUGE – I put the gas pump in that “stays on” position and walked away to wash the windows while the gas kept pumping. Yes, this is something every other person on the planet does every single time they go to get gas. But I have been totally paranoid about doing it (and also really couldn’t figure out how it was done!) Oh what a woman of the world am I.
    But the car wash? Forget it. I’m totally afraid of that thing. So in my eyes, what you did was colossal!! LOL.


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