A Moment of Silence for My Loss

My long blog absence is due to my hard drive crashing. My computer is less than a year old, so it was really a surprise. Luckily I guess, it’s still under warranty, so they sent a box for me to send the computer back to them to fix. The horrible thing is, I lost all my pictures. They said they would give me a new hard drive, but they couldn’t recover anything from the old one. We (meaning Ash) tried to get in there and get the pictures off before we sent it back, but he couldn’t do it.  I had printed out some pictures of birthdays, vacation, etc. but the day-to-day silliness of the kids is lost. I’m really sad about it, but trying not to dwell on it too much. Thank goodness I have my blog with photos of the kids from the last year. Anyway, that’s why I haven’t blogged- I didn’t have a computer with “my” stuff on it. I’m using Ash’s work computer now, which is fine, but it doesn’t have all my programs on it so it’s not really the same.

So, now I’m trying to find the best way to back up my photos. I thought of an external hard drive, but those can break, too, right? What about a place online? What do you guys use? I guess I thought I had more time since my computer was so “young” but now I know I’ve got to back things up often.


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  1. asmalltowndad
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 20:49:41

    Man sis that’s rough! Jane always prints photos and keeps them on the computer. The bad news you lost some photos, the good news is that your getting really good at taking new ones… get busy!


  2. Terri Anne
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 00:42:28

    Oh no… I’m so sorry Char. I know Shutterfly will keep your photos forever, and you can order a CD of them (it’s pricey though I think, and I’m not crazy about their print quality).

    I have an online back up service called carbonite. Everytime I log on to the internet it automatically scans my computer for new, or edited files(all files not just photos), and backs them up. I think it was $90 for 3 years of service? I don’t know the technical side of how it works. If I were to lose my hard drive or get a new computer it would restore all my files for me. I don’t know if you’re on Facebook, but there’s something too about the photos you upload there being stored somewhere if you’ve tagged them. I could find out those details if you’re on Facebook.

    I hope you find a system that works for you. This just happened to a friend of mine too, she lost 2 years worth.


  3. sarah
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 13:55:17

    oh my word!!!!!!! that is horrible. I hate that. Not that this is the best way to store pictures…. but I back mine up a couple of times on disc. When I say a couple of times, I mean that I usually make two discs of the same thing, just in case anything happens to one of the discs. You can store a lot of pictures on them and they are really easy to keep up with and organize. I just write dates on the outside and it works for me. Although, the site that Terri Anne mentioned above sounds really safe and interesting.

    Sorry that happened to you!


  4. Bro
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 14:14:51

    Hi sis,
    man, I feel your pain – I know what it is like for a ‘crash’. I have a couple of places for photo backup. A freebie is photobucket. You can make it a private account.

    I normally though ‘bundle’ them up (by files or as many as I can get on) and burn them on a CD. CD’s (if you dont lose them or play skeet shoot with them) lasts. I have several that are 5-6 years old.
    On some I have made duplicates in jpg, bmp,gif, etc.

    Look on the bright side – you have little ones who will be making new memories to capture, and the memories they have created will always be in your heart. 🙂

    luv ya’s


  5. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks!
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 18:40:22

    I feel your pain. My computer crashed about two months ago. Then we got it back up and it crashed again. I am borrowing my husband’s laptop in the meantime, but I feel weird not having all of my stuff where it should be. I use an external hard drive to back up my files at least once a month (I put it on the calendar). I also back up after birthdays, vacations, etc, or any time when I take lots of pictures. I know the external hard drive can crash too, but it’s not likely that my computer and my external drive would both crash at the same time. I was lucky that I had just backed up all of my files to the external drive a few days before my computer crashed the first time.


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