School Girl

Ava is back to her old self now. Thanks to everyone who contacted me to check on her. She goes back to the doctor just for a quick recheck tomorrow. She’s been doing all the normal kid stuff, though, so I’m sure everything is fine.

What I really wanted to post about was that we singed Ava up for K-4 next year. As agonizing as choosing a school was, you’d think the child was going off to college. Based on some of the prices, you may have assumed the same thing! Over the weekend we visited this school and were very happily surprised. It was one of the least expensive, so I didn’t know what to expect. It actually was so terrific, Ash thought it was going to be the most expensive. It’s also the most diverse private school in our area, so that was a plus in our book, too. The other thing that I like was is that their kindergarten moves on where they leave off in K-4 instead of going over the same stuff again for another year (like numbers, letters, etc). Ava seemed to like it too. She ran around talking to everyone (no surprise there) and told us she liked it and wanted to go school there.

All schools, public and private, in our area wear uniforms, so Ava will have to wear one too. I think/hope that a uniform will make getting dressed in the morning easier, but knowing Ava she’ll want to wear something else and we’ll have to fight over that for a while. She always has her own opinions, especially about what she wants to wear. So let’s hope none of the uniform items are “tight“, “too big” or “scratchy“. These are all complaints I often hear about her clothes now. I told Ash when Binh goes there next year, we’ll have to get a special letter of permission for him to buy his clothes from somewhere other than the uniform place, since I doubt they make uniform pants with a 17 inch waist!

Hopefully, this place will work out and the kids can go there until we move again. Of course, Binh will stay home with Mama next year, though he’ll probably go one day a week to mom’s day out like he does now. So wish us luck for the coming school year. We’ve been talking it up to Ava, so she’s pretty excited.


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  1. asmalltowndad
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 21:13:46

    Wow, she growing quick. The uniform thing is great and really not that costly. There is usually a program each year where moms bring in slightly used uniforms and either trade or sale cheaply because the kids grow out of them so soon.
    I remember the saddest, but proudest day was to watch my girls with books in hand going to school the first day. 15 and 11 years ago! What a great memory!


  2. sarah
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 22:21:48

    that is hard to believe!!!!!!!

    What is not hard to believe is that Ava must have taught Celie what to complain about with her ciothes. I hear the same thing. Except she doesn’t know scratchy yet. I am sure that is coming though. 🙂

    I can’t imagine trying to find the best school for your kids. I guess that is the blessing about a small town. There are not many options. Maybe it is a blessing and a curse though. I am going to stay positive and say blessing though.

    I am sure Ava will make fast friends with everyone there. Won’t it be funny to hear stories about all her school buddies?


  3. 1beautifulmess
    Jan 20, 2010 @ 03:17:32

    wow! 4K! Our girls are growing up! Izzie is starting 3K in August as well. She’ll go 3 days a week.

    Ava will be so cute in a uniform!

    PS…speaking of clothes for our boys…Zach and I were talking about starting the potty training process with Khai soon. We then realized that it will be impossible to find undies in size 3-6 months! 🙂


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