I haven’t participated in the iheartfaces photo challenge in quite a while. After losing my drive with all my photos, I’ve been in a funk. Anyway, I’m gonna’ try out this week’s challenge- hands.

This is one of Ava and one of her besties playing at Izzie’s birthday party. They hadn’t seen each other in a few months and were so excited to be together. As you can see, they had lots to talk about.

You can see lots more hands this week at iheartfaces.

Olympic Junkie

Let me just point out that I am not a huge sports fan in general. We all know I love baseball, but I don’t sit around the rest of the year watching football, or basketball or ..ugh….hockey. This is why I find my Olympics obsession so strange. At first I thought I liked watching Olympics for events that I could relate to, like gymnastics or figure skating since I took gymnastics and dance when I was a kid. During the summer Olympics, I found myself watching events like wrestling, weight lifting, and track and field. Lord knows, I cannot relate on a personal level to track and field! Now I find myself up way past what is my usual bedtime to watch the winter Olympics. I love not just figure skating (though I will be rooting on Evan Lysacek tonight- go Evan!) but I’ve been memorized by moguls, luge, and snowboard cross! (Sidebar: I’d never even heard of snowboard cross before I started watching it the other night. I couldn’t take my eyes off.) Heck, I’d watch curling  and even yes, hockey, if they showed it in primetime.

I also have a partner in crime, an enabler if you will. Ash is just as bad as I am. We sit and watch/critique (because, you know, we’re experts in all these sports) all the events they show in an evening. Last night, we rooted Lindsey Vonn, Shani Davis,  and Shaun White to gold. I’m just sure they wouldn’t have been able to do it without us. I also have to mention for my friends in Finland, the Finnish snowboarders were second on our list to root for:) There’s just something so fun about seeing people who have worked so hard in a sport they love do well. These folks and their sports don’t get a whole lot of recognition day in and day out when they’re training for these huge moments they get every 4 years. I think that’s why I love to see it.

Anyway, I can admit it. I’m an Olympic Junkie. Incase you are too, you can see the medals count here.

It’s Snowin’ Y’all!

You’d think a blizzard of Biblical proportions is hitting the deep South right now. School is cancelled, government buildings are closed in anticipation of…..1-3 inches of snow.

The weatherman could barely contain himself last night as he went through “possible weather events”. I couldn’t believe they preemptively cancelled school, which also means my Mom’s Day Out was canceled for today as well. This morning I awoke to? Rain. Now, there is snow falling from the sky, but it’s not sticking on the ground or anything. It was in the upper 40’s yesterday, so I don’t see how we could have any accumulation, despite the weather guy’s giddy predictions.  I did call the kids over to the window to see the “snow” and they were excited so see the flakes, but it’s nothing we can go out and play in so far.

Ok, so as I was writing this my neighbors showed up, dressed like we live in DC, and asked us to go for a walk. I got the kids ready and the precipitation had turned to sleet by the time I got their coats and shoes on them. We walked in the sleet for a few minutes and then officially called it quits.

So much for the snow in Lower Alabama..

We Have a Bandit on Our Hands..


“The Racoon Bandit”

Called “The Racoon Bandit” because she is attracted to shiny, metal objects and is likely to throw things in the bath tub. Known for stealing items such as remotes, oven mitts, car keys, and shiny objects like earings, necklaces, or rings.  Last seen snooping around Lower Alabama  near a jewelry box..

Don’t let this little face fool you. She is stealthy and sly..

Oh, and let me know if you find my car keys. It’s been about 4 days now since I last saw them.

Who Dat

Fireworks are going off around my neighborhood right now..

Sorry my Indiana family. That’s just how it goes sometimes..

Let’s Not Put Our Heads in the Sand, OK?

Christina wrote a post about the “missionaries” who went to Haiti and tried to take those 33 kids to the Dominican Republic. I think you should go read it here.

Did you go read it? No, I really meant it- now GO.

I think so many times we want to see the best in people. I know I do. There are times, however, that we can’t be naive to what’s really going on around us. I don’t claim to know the whole story but I think it’s time we are brave enough to face some realities.

Let’s not just put our heads in the sand.

Am I Raising a Good ‘Ol Boy?

The other night, we went to the Vietnamese Japanese restaurant that I wrote about some time ago here. We hadn’t been back until this trip. We were all starving and it didn’t have a wait, and I know the kids always eat Japanese food well. Actually, Ava is like her mama and will eat her weight in shrimp if you let her no matter how it’s made.

We ate our dinner and we on our way out when Binh saw a large, white truck parked beside us. It was a white Ford F-250 that was obviously loved by its owner. The truck was kinda’ tricked out in that it was jacked up a little and had shiny chrome running boards and other accessories. Well, the owner wasn’t the only one loving this truck. It totally took me by surprise when Binh looked up at me and said, “That truck is cool..” I can honestly say that is the first time I’ve ever heard Binh use the word “cool”. Then he said, “When I grow up I drive that truck.” I laughed and told Ash what he had said. We asked Binh and he was insistent he loved that truck.

Since then, he has pointed out other trucks he’s going to drive and they’ve all been F-250’s! If he is going to drive one, I can almost guarantee he’ll need those running boards so he can get in! Little man in a big truck.. I didn’t know they made Vietnamese good ‘ol boys. I’m only worried if he picks up an Alabama drawl and takes up going to “huntin’ camps”.