Let’s Not Put Our Heads in the Sand, OK?

Christina wrote a post about the “missionaries” who went to Haiti and tried to take those 33 kids to the Dominican Republic. I think you should go read it here.

Did you go read it? No, I really meant it- now GO.

I think so many times we want to see the best in people. I know I do. There are times, however, that we can’t be naive to what’s really going on around us. I don’t claim to know the whole story but I think it’s time we are brave enough to face some realities.

Let’s not just put our heads in the sand.


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  1. sarah
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 19:00:20

    I read her post and I could not agree more with you both. The church that sent that group is the home of our old Pastor’s son. He sent out mass emails to people asking for prayer for his church now that this has happened. I want to see the best in people (especially CHURCHES) trying to do what is right, but I mean how STUPID do you have to be to not get your ducks in a row before you set off to “help” people? And WHY (if you are doing the right thing would you take children who still have families alive? I understand that there are some familes out there that are deciding to let some or all of their children be adopted after the earthquake, but it doesn’t sound like these kids were part of that group.

    The whole thing is desturbing and sad. And it makes Southern Baptists look like we are all idiots.


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