We Got Through It

My company has come and gone. We had a good time together, too. We ended up doing a cook-out per your suggestions, and everyone loved it! We had hamburgers and hot dogs with chips, potato salad (the mustard kind), baked beans, chips, and fresh strawberries and carrots. I had my good friend and neighbor over with her two kids. So the kids played while we all talked and ate. I’d say everything worked out fine and I didn’t really have a lot to worry about.

We also took the “kids” (everyone called them the kids because they were here with their parents even though they’re 23 and 21, I found out) outlet shopping on Saturday. My favorite babysitter in the world came home for spring break and so she came over and took care of my kids while we went shopping. Ava and Binh had been skipping naps and running around since the “kids” came to stay at our house on Wednesday, so I thought they could use the down time. Saturday night the kids went to another person’s house for dinner with the parents, so we took our babysitter and went out for Mexican food. Yummy.

The kids had a great time with us and really liked talking to me and Ash. Since I taught ESL, they asked me lots of questions because I was one of the few people here they could understand. Everyone else here has a southern accents and says things to them like “y’all” and use lots of idioms to which they have no idea of the meaning. I made sure I spoke nice and slow. By Saturday night, I was talking slowly to everyone. I had to apologize to our waiter at the Mexican restaurant for talking to him like he had a mental delay.

Sunday the kids packed their bags and we all headed off to church. I took them to a couple of different Sunday school classes, just so they could get a feel of what we did. The brother is going to do an internship here next year so he wanted to see the middle/high school. The sister is studying early elementary ed. so she wanted to see our preschool area, and then we all went to the college/young adults class. I had never been to any of those places (except preschool) so it was actually kinda’ fun for me to get to check everything out, too.

They left us after church to stay with another couple for two days, and they’ll be heading back to Japan in the morning. I’m glad I volunteered to host them, even if I did only get a day’s notice of their arrival.

This week we’ll be recovering from out big week. I’ve already stripped their beds and washed towels and sheets, but I think my kids could still catch up on some rest. The time change didn’t help with that either. I don’t think I got them in bed until 8:45 last night. Hopefully they’ll go a little earlier each day until they’re back to their regular bedtime.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sarah
    Mar 17, 2010 @ 12:38:05

    It sounds like you all had a really wonderful time! I am glad everything worked out.

    I said….

    I …. am….. glad…. everything….worked….out. 🙂


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