Galarraga’s (im)Perfect Game

I know I’m supposed to be talking vacation stuff, but I had to mention Armando Galarraga’s perfect game that was ruled imperfect by a bad call. I felt bad for the guy, then I watched his response to the bad call and I wanted to cry and hug him all at the same time. He was so gracious and classy, saying of the umpire that “Nobody is perfect.”  Well, Mr. Galarraga, you were last night, on and off the field, even if it won’t go down in the books that way.

I read this well-written post on the whole situation and for the love of humanity, go read it. Even if you care nothing about baseball, it says something about people.


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  1. Jeremy
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 04:43:50

    Hey there, thanks for the comment and for linking to my blog entry. I was surprised to pick up any visitors at all, so it was a nice bit of motivation to maybe make it a regular thing. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of your blog here. It feels like a comfortable place to stop, and the great pics of your kids jumping through the sprinkler certainly takes me back to some great times! I’ll add you to my bloglist and will look forward to stopping by in the future. Take care..


  2. asmalltowndad
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 13:22:32

    I believe in instant replay, not to used for every call, but when you have one a major call such as this one, it’s a shame to not to use it. From what I know there has only been around 20 perfect pitched games in baseball history, to miss a call and ruin this pitchers chance in history, is a shame. But again, who likes baseball anyways! LOL


    • metaphase
      Jun 04, 2010 @ 14:29:34

      I think there could be instant replay used like in football where each team could be given, say, two chances to use replay during the game. Then maybe it wouldn’t cause the games to be any longer than they already are.


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