Spirit Week

Ava had spirit week at her school last week. I took a picture of her each day to share, but I have to say that some didn’t come out that well because 1) we were in a hurry to get to school (or at least I was) 2) Ava was excited about her outfit and 3) she’s pretty much a diva and wants to be doing some crazy “pose” for the camera!

Monday was wear you favorite team day. Can you believe my child didn’t have a Red Sox shirt to fit her? I’m a terrible mother. She’s already informed me she wants a Beckett shirt (pitcher). If I’m going to spend 20 bucks for the shirt, he better have a better year than last. She wore a Yumiori Giants shirt that I got her in Japan and was quite happy with it. I told her I was almost positive she’d be the only one with that shirt!

 Tuesday was pajama day. Ava thought she was going to wear a polka-dot nightgown, but she opted for some princess flannel pj’s after the cold weather blew in the day or two before.



 Wednesday we decided to go 80’s for decade day. Strangely, we actually had all of these clothes on hand, including the hair crimper!  She wanted that for Christmas this year. I have no idea how she knew about them except for a girl at church who had her hair crimped one day. Who does that, anyway? I guess everything old is new again. By Wednesday, Binh was wanting to get in on the picture action. The quality of these two pictures is poor, sorry. After all the crimping, we were running late and I had some settings on my camera wrong. That’s the bad thing about manual mode..


Thursday was the day the kids were supposed to wear attire from a different country, so you know we chose Vietnam. Ava kept calling herself a Vietnamese princess. She chose this pose. I’m not sure that Vietnamese people do this at all; I think it’s more of a Thai thing, but whatever. Never argue with a divalicious 4-year-old, at least not when it comes to photographing her.

 Friday was the day of the “big game”, so Ava wore her school sweatshirt and jeans. You’ll notice in almost all of these pictures, she has to have some sort of prop with her. She wanted me to take her picture with her friends- bunnies, pigs, etc.

Ava had a fun week, and it was a nice break from uniforms, for a little while at least. Next year, I guess I’ll have two to dress. Morning should be real fun then.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 1beautifulmess
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 15:32:38

    SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Love all these pics! And love, love, LOVE the crimped hair! She is so stylish 🙂


  2. Karoliina
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 18:51:06

    This is so cute! I cannot get over how much she’s grown.


  3. asmalltowndad
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 22:10:55

    The 80’s, to think I was only 10!
    Adorable pics of two cute models, and they are growing so fast since the last time I had seen them. But you’ll have to fess-up, the crimpers Ash’s, isn’t it! Love Ya all!


  4. Christina
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 22:20:11

    Those are great pj’s. And I LOVE the 80’s crimped hair! So stylin’!


  5. Momma
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 01:27:22

    Oh my gosh. Is this child cute or what?. I laughed out loud while looking at these. You know she WILL have that pitcher’s t-shirt just as soon as I find out where and how to get it. She’s sooo precious.


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