Oh So Domestic

Let’s face it. I’m not the most domestic woman in the world. I don’t enjoy cooking for the most part, I’m only mediocre at best at keeping a house, and the thought of anything crafty scares me rather than excites me. So this little story is sort of a big deal for me because the fact I even thought to do it says something important about my journey to domestic goddess. (ok, let’s not go overboard…)

I made banana bread. There. I said it. I made banana bread from scratch, with bananas I had on hand that I actually noticed were getting mushy. I know this isn’t that big of a deal; banana bread isn’t all that hard to make (as I found out) but that fact that I even thought to do it instead of just throwing the bananas away is a big step for me.

We had some of those little bananas I had bought for the kids, that Ava used to like (since she doesn’t like the big ones). We call them “baby bananas” at our house. I think the cute factor added to the liking them for Ava. Anyway, she now has decided she doesn’t like those either, so we had a bunch that were getting old and mushy. I felt bad because there were a lot of them I’d have to throw out in a day or so. Instead of doing that, I went online and looked up an easy banana bread recipe. Then, like a real mom would do, I made home-made banana bread! Small victories, folks. Let me relish in my story a minute… It turned out really moist inside, slightly crunchy outside, just really tasty over all. In fact, I was so proud of myself, I took a picture of my very first banana bread.

Hey, I don’t get out much, ok? I stay home- and bake- and take pictures of the results…


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 04:06:24

    you go, girl! Yes, I throw out way too many bananas as well… who has time to bake? (Well, besides you…. )


  2. bunnysmom
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 05:12:46

    I am so proud of you!


  3. Lauren Cristina Vitrano-Wilson
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 05:56:25

    You’re awesome…and you’re not the only one who takes pictures of food she’s made. 🙂 Excellent work! Pat, pat, pat. 🙂


  4. sarah
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 18:31:15

    that is awesome! The picture makes me want some of my very own.

    I was all set to make some french bread last week (in a bread maker and then you bake it after it proofs) but the thought of even putting the stuff in a bread maker and having to clean the pan after I baked it turned me off!!!! THAT is sad.

    I wish I loved cooking and had yummy meals made for my family every night that they could not get enough of and raved over, but that is just not who I am. I am embracing it!

    Nice job on your bread, and your gumption. 🙂


  5. 1beautifulmess
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 04:21:40

    You are such a domesticated goddess!!! You go girl!


  6. asmalltowndad
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 16:27:51

    Mmmmmm, banana bread (in my Homer Simpson voice), looks yummy! I’m so proud of you sis, by time you grow up you’ll know how to do all sorts of yummy stuff. After all you are the baby in the family you know. Looks great and I bet taste even better.


  7. Emily
    Feb 18, 2011 @ 19:18:48

    Char! So proud! You are truly a domestic goddess!!!!


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