Who Knew?

A couple of nights ago we went to Olive Garden for dinner. The kids had dentist appointments in the evening after school, so, you know, we had to go out since it was getting late. I found it strange that Ava didn’t want to eat her spaghetti since she usually loves it, but I thought she was just getting tired from all the running around that day. That night she got up about 10:30 and said her jaw hurt. She blamed it on the dentist, but I assured her he had done nothing to make her jaw hurt.

I checked her before school the next morning. She was bouncing around the house and didn’t have a fever, so I took her to school. Well, they called at about 10:00am and said she said her ear hurt but she didn’t have a fever. Since I knew what had happened the night before, I decided to try to get her to the doctor. I picked her up and she was acting totally fine. In fact, she wanted to go back to her class for snack time while she was waiting for me to get there.

We ate lunch and went to the doctor at about 1:30. We didn’t get home until 5:00pm. I was just wanting the doctor to see her incase she was starting to get an ear infection because Binh’s birthday party is Friday and I wanted her to feel good for that. Well, the doctor took one listen to her lungs and the ear went straight to the back burner. She was very concerned about her wheezing and crackling in her lungs. We ended up having to give her a breathing treatment and going to get a chest x-ray at a different clinic. It was all very surprising. The doctor kept asking me if she had wheezing like this before, if she had been in the hospital, if she had eczema- all to which the answer is no. I must have looked flabbergasted at all the questions because she said she couldn’t say this was asthma, but she definitely had bronchitis and possibly a touch of pneumonia. A touch of pneumonia? She was acting totally normal and had no fever? How did I suddenly become the most out-of-touch mom ever? I missed pneumonia? How do you have pneumonia and still want to go to dance class. (which of course we didn’t. We were busy getting a chest x-ray during that time anyway.) Oh, and yes she did have a horrible, fluid-filled ear as well. Just to be clear, yes she’d been coughing, but so has the rest of the South with all this pollen floating around. She’s been blowing her nose and the mucus has been clear. It doesn’t look infected like when Binh had pneumonia. (that mucus was disgusting…) I thought she had some allergy issues and that’s it….weird.

So they sent us home with a spanking new nebulizer and now I’m doing breathing treatments with her every 4-6 hours today. They said she could go to school tomorrow if she feels like it. (believe me she does) but they want to see her again Friday morning “just to check her before he weekend”. I have some asthma issues but nothing too serious, so I leaning more toward she’s starting with something like that. Poor kid. She’s apparently pretty sick and no one knew it. Just hand me my Mother of the Year award now. I’ll put this one up on the shelf with the one from when I let Binh flip out of a shopping cart at Wal-M*art.

In her honor, I’m posting a few pictures of my girl from just a few days ago.

This is one for my family because they were asking about her hair. Her head is tilted back a little, but you get the idea.

Just a couple more, because this gal simply hates having her picture taken..


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 15:19:42

    Don’t beat yourself up. It happens. How could you have guessed any of that? I’ve never heard of pneumonia without fever. You took her to the doctor as soon as you had reason to think something might be going on, and that’s all you can do. The important thing is she’s (going to be) okay, right?


  2. asmalltowndad
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 16:55:59

    Don’t beat yourself up Sis… that’s what brothers are for! Sometimes it’s just really hard to notice or have any indicators of a kid being sick, sometimes they just slow down, a little pale, or act perfectly normal and with all the allergies, it can be mistaken so easily. She’s a little warrior and nothing is going to stop her. So give her a hug and kiss from me and tell both I love them and hope to see them soon!


  3. sarah
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 20:44:01

    Oh no! Well, how were you to know? Poor Ava. Poor you. I hope she feels better soon. We will say a prayer for her tonight.


  4. Christina
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 13:48:56

    I guess she had “walking pneumonia”… my nephew had it a few years ago and it was like that, he seemed fine and all. Weird. Hope she’s on the mend quickly!


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