Mad as a …. Hornet?

Did I mention we have a bee problem? No? Well, that’s because I didn’t think it was too much of a problem. That is, I didn’t think so until they didn’t go away while we were on vacation.

Before we left for vacation, I noticed we were getting some bees out in our front garden. Within a few days, there were like 30 or so flying around all morning. It seemed like they were there in the morning, but left when it started getting too hot. I consulted a couple of friends who said they may be carpenter bees. I called my pest control company, who we have our termite contract with, and they told me since we have a brick house they couldn’t hurt it. The pest people didn’t seem too worried and basically told me there’s nothing they could do. I sort of let it go and just tip-toed as I walked through them on the way to the mail box or to turn on the hose to water the grass.

I think they proliferated while we were on vacation because now they’re worse than ever! I’m telling you there are like 30-50 in my front garden area all the time. They’re not pollinating flowers or even landing on blooms. I decided I’d had enough and called a different pest control. The lady I talked to was very helpful and now I’ve decided they’re not carpenter bees. (I had sort of decided that long ago, but she helped confirm it.) The guy in charge of these sort of pests called me and he’s coming at 2:00 to assess the situation and give me an estimate. Do I really need an estimate? I mean, at this point there isn’t really a price I wouldn’t pay to get rid of these things, is there? I do feel better knowing that help in on the way because turning on the sprinkler this morning was a real heiney cringer. 🙂

After I got off the phone with the guy, I started thinking about hornets. Could these things be hornets and I’ve just been walking through like 30 of them for the last couple of weeks? I looked them up on the internet and yikes! I think they may be! It gives me the creeps talking about it. (yes, I know I’m writing, but in my mind I’m carrying on a conversation with you all so cut me some slack. We’re talking. Besides, I’m traumatized right now.) Now that I’ve looked up what hornets look like and reminded myself how angry and hurtful they can be, this bug guy can’t get here fast enough!

I’ll keep you posted.


Yes, they look just like this (I think. I mean, how closely am I really studying them?). And who is that idiot with a hornet on his hand? (and no, to my siblings who have something smart to say, that is NOT my hairy hand!! 🙂

*From google images, not my own photo.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 17:48:17

    Ok, sorry to have steered you wrong! I was picturing something different when you said “big bee”…. google carpenter bee… they’re kinda cute and fuzzy…. That thing is just freakishly large!! That’s giving me the heebie jeebies! BTW – hope your pest control guy isn’t reading your post – that estimate just went up! hehe.


  2. metaphase
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 18:11:37

    It’s not your fault at all! Luckily, I didn’t give my bug guy my blog address!


  3. sarah
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 18:55:36

    OH MY WOOOOOOOOOOOOORD. You know, I am terrified of pretty much any rodent, pest or large animal. We have carpenter bees that dig out huge holes in our steps every season. I hate them. Along with any other bee or stinging creature that lives. You are now moments away from your estimate, I can’t wait to hear what the remedy is!!!!!! We have a wasp issue here and even though it is 3:00 on JUNE 1st and it is already a heat index of 107 (!!!!!!!!!!!), I still enjoy going outside to the porch so the girls can play and I can have a change of scenery. 🙂


  4. Lauren Cristina Vitrano-Wilson
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 23:29:23

    ok, be careful…and I’m not so much wondering what the insect is, but rather what in the world is a “heiney cringer?” 🙂 I can’t even say those words! 🙂


    • metaphase
      Jun 02, 2011 @ 02:05:56

      Bwaahaa. I couldn’t describe it any other way! You know… makes you squeeze your cheeks (I’m not talking the ones on your face!) together while saying something like “eeee”! haha!


  5. Lauren Cristina Vitrano-Wilson
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 05:06:30

    Oh! Got it! 🙂 I didn’t know how to spell those words I guess. 🙂 I hope it all gets resolved soon so you are not so heiney cringed anymore. 😉


    • metaphase
      Jun 02, 2011 @ 13:13:32

      You’re cracking me up! Leave it to the linguist! I don’t think “cringer” is an actual word. (I’m sure you’ve already looked to see). 🙂 I love you!!


  6. Lauren Cristina Vitrano-Wilson
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 00:44:33

    Oh I haven’t even gotten you started yet cracking you up. I’ll send you an email with all of the details of the strides I made in an attempt to eradicate the word “costume” today. 😉


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