Full Circle- Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about my first chemistry teacher. I had trouble hearing him and it was clear that he cared nothing about me since he never took the time to learn my name. So, I tried a new teacher for the next semester. I had no idea that it could get worse, but it did…

I switched into a class that had a female chemistry teacher. She promptly decided she hated me, and at times I think she hated us all. I’m quite sure that these days she would be labeled “bipolar”. She was truly a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and you never knew what you were going to get when you walked into her classroom. Heck, she may switch horses midstream in class. She would yell, yell, at the class about what losers we were and then turn around to the board and start writing equations. Then, she’d turn back around and in a calm voice say, “but it’s not your faults. The system is failing you..” I had no idea what on earth she was talking about most of the time. I just remember her always shouting, “When you get to college, honey _____” then fill in the blank with whatever doomsday prediction of what would happen when we got to college.

For some reason during the semester, I became the focus of her hatred of our class. Let’s step back for a moment for some perspective… I was a great student in all academic senses. I graduated with a 3.9? Yes, sometimes I’d talk with a friend, but that was usually because this woman was a lunatic and I just had to talk about it! I never slept in class or talked back to the teachers. You know, I was a goody two shoes, as Ash points out regularly. So to have a teacher yell at me all the time was totally new to me. I think part of the reason I ticked her off so much is that I was really involved in choir. I was in a small group of madrigal singers and we did travel and sing during school hours, so I’d miss her class. I also traveled to middle schools and the magnet school to represent our high school and what it had to offer academic students. (I mean, come on, I was chosen to speak on behalf of our school. How bad of a kid could I have been?) I’d bring in one of those papers for her to sign to let her know I’d be missing her class and the woman would lose it. It’s like she was signing something to excuse me while I went to smoke on the corner or something. I think she hated that I could miss her class and still keep up with what was going on. Well, I could keep up because she spent most of her time in class on some senseless diatribe about something that had nothing to do with chemistry! I had friends that could hear the woman screaming my name from across the hall. It was bad. And it made me hate everything about chemistry and just check-out once I walked through the threshold of her classroom door.

So, it’s almost funny that I could now be that person in charge of teaching chemistry. I know I could do a better job than the two teachers I had, so we’ll see what happens.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Momma
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 01:58:23

    Char, you, just like the rest of my children can do anything they want and can be the best at it. I have no doubt that whatever you teach, just as your brother colors., as he puts it , you’ll be just as good at teaching as he is at coloring and that is great. As you know, I think I have the most wonderful children ever born. Don’t let some goofy man and a weird woman decide how you feel about chemistry the rest of your life. Right here behind you..


  2. Lauren Cristina Vitrano-Wilson
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 06:19:47

    Sounds like you NEED to be a chemistry teacher so that others don’t experience the same terrible classes you did! 🙂

    Oh!..and thanks for reminding me of my HS art teacher… she told us if our papers were not stapled properly and she pricked her finger, she’d write our grades in blood! One day, I was sitting minding my own business reading…sitting quietly mind you, not talking to anyone. She came over to me and screamed, “You don’t respect your mother!” Needless to say, I gasped in shock and then, after she walked away, I ran out of the room and cried and about 4 people in my class ran after me to say, “What was THAT?!?!?” Bizarro-land!

    I imagoine you won’t be like that either, so go for it!! 🙂


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