A 4th Post

We had a good time just mostly hanging out yesterday. Ash cut the back lawn and played baseball with the kids. He only needed to cut the back yard because I made him stop on Sunday night when our babysitter called and said she was in town and would like to come over so we could go out. Well… ok! Ash ran in and showered so we could go to the movies. We hadn’t been in forever, so it was a nice treat. We saw Larry Crowne. I heard the reviews weren’t great, but we were happy with it. It didn’t have lots of explosions, violence, or sex, so maybe that’s why critics didn’t like it.

Ash grilled out around 1:30 for just our family. We had burgers and hot dogs, of course. I mean, that’s a July 4th given, right? I also bought watermelon and cantaloupe even though I knew only Binh and I would eat it. The other two in our family are sort of picky eaters, but I wanted some and I knew I’d be able to count on my boy to help me out. He did not disappoint, either. I think that kid ate half a watermelon by himself! How can you tell a kid to stop eating fruit? I just let him keep going.

Then, we went to a fireworks display put on by a guy from our church. He makes his own fireworks and then invites people to come to his house on the lake to watch them. He shoots them from one side of a large lake and we sit in the field on the other side, so it’s pretty safe. The display was really something. They were as good as the ones the city puts on every year. I took my camera (which has been acting up, but that’s a different post) and had fun playing with it trying to get fireworks shots. You could say I have a long way to go when it comes to night shots, but I had fun.

Yes, that’s just the glow from the fireworks illuminating their faces. It was big show, I tell ya’. I can’t believe the guy made them. The next one is of Ava and Ash watching together. Cute…

After the big display, we came back about 9:30 and shot off our own fireworks we had bought for the kids. Binh seemed to enjoy them more this year than Ava, but I think she was just really tired.

I did take a picture of the kids like the one I did last year just to see the difference. Here’s last year’s July 4th picture:

Thanks goodness it wasn’t as humid this year, but they were still looking a little disheveled. I guess it had been a long night! Here they are:

Hope you all had a good time, too.


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  1. asmalltowndad
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 16:40:46

    Wow are they growing! Ava looks like she has grown a foot and Binh is just cool, look at that pose! Homemade fireworks? Not sure about homemade fireworks, I believe those are called pipe bombs in most places.


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