Home Sick

No, not homesick, but home sick. My kids are both sick today, so all of us had to stay home from school. I still had to go in early to my school and drop off plans for my sub (which meant dragging my little ones with me ), but most of the day I’ve spent cuddling, there there-ing, etc. Neither are just terrible, but I can tell they aren’t 100%. There was no fighting to speak of, so I know they are both in a weakened state!

I think Binh may be able to go back tomorrow, though he has a cough and a somewhat runny nose, but Ava took a little nap this afternoon and seemed pretty warm when I woke her up. She’s also really pale, which is so sad because she has her daddy’s fair skin anyway. So now she’s more like translucent! tee-hee.

I hate missing school. I feel like I’m playing hooky or something, but I also don’t want to send my kids back to school too soon and possibly infect others. What do the rest of you in the working (outside the home) world do?


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